Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Paper Mache Recycle Bin: Lettering

This is the finial entry in my Paper Mache Recycle Bin series.
Here are the others:
Paper Mache Bin: First Coat
Paper Mache Bin: Second Coat with Wide Strips of Newspaper
Paper Mache Recycle Bin: Third Coat with Small Pieces of Torn Christmas Wrapping Paper

Now for the lettering:

  • Write
"Dry Recycle"
in large letters on a piece of white paper.
  • Tear
small pieces of the wrapping paper you want to use for the lettering.

Dry Recycle Lettering and Wrapping Paper Pieces

Cut out the letters.

Letters Cut Out

Glue them on.

Glue Letters on the Container

As you can see, the wrapping paper I chose blends in with the background, so the words aren't clear.

Wrapping Paper Blends In

We actually liked the color of the pen I used to write the letters with. So I thought we could either reprint the letters on a new piece of paper making them thicker, so they don't need to be covered,

find magazine pictures in colors that might contrast the wrapping paper, tear those up, and use them to cover the letters.

In the end, I decided to use the red wrapping paper to cover the lettering and see how that works.

Lettering Covered with Red Wrapping Paper Pieces

If I had to re-choose the wrapping paper I used to cover the bin with, I'd select the less bold light blue and light green paper.

For the lettering, I'd use the silver and the red paper, so they would stand out more than they do.

That's all right. I like my bin. I've even got it filled too.

Ready to Take Out

Later, if I want, I can store it with my Christmas decorations and use it to collect the wrapping paper people are tearing off their gifts.

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