Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shark faces?

Shark faces on empty glitter bottles
My daughter called these shark faces. They could be any kind of faces your child's imagination would like to make them.

We used permanent markers to draw faces on the lids of open, empty glitter shakers. Empty spice shakers would probably work too.

If you have a bunch of little hole punches from a three hole paper punch, these scraps would work nicely as eyes and a mouth or teeth. Just glue them on.

The shakers could even be covered with paper and then the little hole punches glued on the body for scales of a fish. That might be a little tedious to glue on all those hole punch scraps, but think of the focus and patience it would take too.

Our bottles were clear, so my daughter filled them with crumpled newspaper to make it look like shark skin.

Here's to creating imaginative animals with shakers.