Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowflake snowman ornament

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cornucopia paper craft

This cornucopia is made from circles cut from two different colored paper. I was still recycling paper fans, and that's why there's creases in my circles, but the creases are not needed.

I drew circles small to large by hand on orange and yellow paper. Orange and brown paper would be nice colors too.

I made my circles by hand, but using a compass would make it easier to draw circles the next one bigger than the last. An adult may have to use the compass since it has a sharp end to hold it in place while the circle is made.

That's why I tried drawing the circles by hand. Children could easily draw them. 

Put the compass first on the orange paper and next on the brown paper opening the compass just a bit over and over until you've got about  8 to 12 circles. Since I guesstimated with mine, my colors are not perfectly alternating. A compass would help to alternate colors and give your cornucopia a nice contrast.

Cut out the circles, and spread them in a line smallest to the largest.

Place the circles on a paper in a cornucopia shape. When you are happy about how your cornucopia looks, glue each circle on.

Draw a pumpkin on orange paper, a few gourds on yellow paper, and some large grapes on some green paper. Color the stems brown, and cut out. Arrange the pumpkin, gourds, and grapes on the largest circle of the cornucopia, and glue them on when you are happy with the arrangement.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paper plate turkey

A turkey plate for kid's goodies. The kid's can make their own too.

Just use a paper plate. Cut about six strips of paper one inch wide from orange or yellow paper or any color the kids would like for a tail.

I like recycling crafts. That's why there are little creases in my strips. I cut up old paper fans to use for the tail.

Make a loop with the first strip, and tape the ends together. Then tape the strip to the back of the plate. Do the same with all the strips overlapping them a little to make a turkey tail.

Next draw a head and neck and feet on the colored paper of choice, and cut them out. Tape these to the plate underneath, and you've got a turkey paper plate ready for thanksgiving goodies.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving crafts

Am working on some Thanksgiving crafts just now. If you're interested, here's the link.
Childern's Cheap Thanksgiving Crafts

Leaf print turkey

Here's a turkey made from leaf prints. The tail is two overlapping leaf prints. The body is a circle of orange paper cut out and glued on. The head, neck, and feet are cut out of different colored paper and glued on.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leaf prints

If you can find some leaves that aren't too dry, these leaf prints might be fun. The trick is to not get too much paint on the back, so the veins of the leaf turn out well.

The first picture shows how I put red, yellow, and white non-toxic poster paints on paper, and spread them across the paper. Then I put the back of the leaf against the wet paint and onto the paper for the print.

My second method was to lightly coat the back of the leaf with the same paints using napkins to put the leaf on and to wipe my brush clean on. Then put the leaf on paper, and gently smooth across it.

I like the second method the best.

If your kids are getting some good leaf prints, they could put them on paper the size of a place mat. When the prints are dry, the paper could be covered with clear contact paper to protect it and use it for a Thanksgiving place mat.

The leaf prints look pretty on windows too.