Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Airplane in the sky craft

Here's the finished airplane flying where ever your child would like it to go.

All that's needed is dark and light blue construction paper for the sky and airplane, light construction paper for the windows, paper napkins for the clouds, pencil, glue, and scissors.

Draw the parts of the airplane on the light blue paper.  Slanted rectangles (or parallelograms) become wings, a large oval becomes the body of the plane, and a small triangle becomes the tail.
Cut out the parts of the plane. Turn the pieces over so the pencil lines don't show. Glue on one wing first, then the oval, the other wing and the triangle.
Draw a cloud on a napkin, put that napkin on top of another, and then cut the cloud out. Glue the clouds at the bottom of the plane. The napkins will provide a few layers, so add a little glue between each layer. Tuck part of one cloud under part of the wing, so it looks as if the plane is in the clouds.
Draw a small triangle and three small squares on the light piece of paper. Cut these out for windows. The triangle becomes the front window. After the glue is dry, people can be drawn in each window.