Thursday, March 5, 2015

Paper Mache Recycle Bin: Second Coat with Wide Strips of Newspaper

I started this container for dry recyclables back in December where you can see the first coat of paper mache:
Paper Mache Recycle Bin: First Coat

Here's the third coat:
Paper Mache Recycle Bin: Third Coat with Small Pieces of Torn Christmas Wrapping Paper (Update March 7, 2015)

Here's the finished bin:
Paper Mache Recycle Bin: Lettering (Update March 11, 2015)

Now I'm using nice large, wide strips of newspaper to cover the bag faster and make the process of applying the strips less tedious.

Apply Wide Strips of Newspaper

Here I'm putting the second coat on the bottom of the bag.

I found that I only need two coats of newspaper instead of the three I had originally planned. Since I started with double paper bags, it is pretty strong already.

By the time I add the finishing layer of wrapping paper I saved from Christmas presents, this recycle bin will be strong enough to carry out empty tissue boxes, empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and old newspapers to be recycled.

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