Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A paper butterfly from two paper hearts

Start by cutting out two paper hearts, one bigger, and one smaller.

Put the points of the hearts together and tape on the back. If you have any pencil marks on the hearts, make sure they are on the back of the butterfly. The smaller heart should be up-side-down.

Next draw the body of the butterfly about the length of the two hearts taped together. Then cut out the body and glue it on the hearts.

Last draw two antenna, cut out and tape them on the back making sure any pencil marks face the back too.

Turn over, and there's your butterfly.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paper kites against a watercolor sky: craft for kids

Start using a white sheet of paper. Using a large paint brush and water color paints, paint the sky. I used blue, purple, yellow and pink with a lot of water in the brush. I think it is a bit light. Using a little less water or blotting the brush on a rag will make the colors more vivid.

While the watercolor sky dries, use an empty cereal box to make a kite form to trace. That way all the kites will be the same size.

Cut out the kite form and trace it onto different color paper,

Cut the colored kites into four sections.

Mix the colors and glue the sections onto the sky in kite form.

Add yarn with a few knots for the kite string.