Saturday, March 7, 2015

Paper Mache Recycle Bin: Third Coat with Small Pieces of Torn Christmas Wrapping Paper

My last coat for this dry recyclables container is torn wrapping paper from Christmas presents.

The other two layers are

Paper Mache Bin: First Coat
Paper Mache Bin: Second Coat with Wide Strips of Newspaper.

The finished bin is Paper Mache Recycle Bin: Lettering.(Update March 11, 2015)

Last Coat: Torn Christmas Wrapping Paper Pieces

As you can see from the picture, I'm only covering the outside with the wrapping paper and leaving the inside plain newspaper strips.

Now that I've spent the time paper maching two layers with newspaper strips, I don't think they are needed.

If I make another container, I wouldn't  use newspaper at all.
I would use
  • Two paper bags with handles, one inside of the other (doubled)
  • One layer of wrapping paper mache on the outside only
  • I might try Collage Pauge: Instant Decoupage which claims to be "water-resistant." It costs about twice as much as white glue, but it is worth a try for this container. Then I could spread it over the bottom and inside to protect the paper bag.
That's it.
It should be strong enough.

Here it is March and I have a Christmas themed recycle bin which is okay at our house. But others may like a different colored bin for the spring and summer months.

If I only use one paper mache layer of Christmas paper, the bin could be finished Christmas day. 
Then as birthdays roll around, we can use that torn paper to re-paper mache the bin and update it. 

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