Thursday, April 1, 2010

Recycled Paper Easter Egg Basket

Here's a tedious but rewarding little craft. This Easter egg basket was made from leftover wrapping paper and scotch tape, so it is not sturdy enough to hold real eggs. It's great for paper eggs in a bed of shredded paper though.

Older tweens who like crafting, and are patient may find this basket both challenging and rewarding to get to the finished product. Especially if made for an eagerly waiting younger brother, sister, or cousin.

The basket here was made by first cutting 8 strips of paper about 1/2 inch wide, and a foot long. Weave these together at the middle to form the bottom of the basket. Put little pieces of tape as needed to hold it together. Long ends of the strips should be ready for weaving the sides up.

Use another strip of paper of similar size to start the sides of the basket. Weave the strip one full circle around the bottom. Then tape the meeting ends together to secure, and clip off the remainder. Continue on in this manner until the sides are as high as you'd like.

At this point remaining strips from the original 8 strips will be hanging over the edges. Fold each over to end each weave, cut off extra, and tape.

Use two strips of the same size as the rest twisted together to form the handle. Attach with tape.

Happy Easter!