Monday, March 16, 2015

Paper Craft for a Saint Patrick's Day Game: Pot of Gold Cube

After you have finished making the cube here, you can use it with this playing board.


  • one green sheet of construction paper
  • ruler
  • non-toxic markers
  • kid safe scissors
  • tape

Pot of Gold Cube Materials

Part I: Drawing the Cube

Draw two parallel lines eight inches long down the middle of the green sheet of paper.

Two Parallel Lines

Every two inches, attach the two parallel lines with a line from one to the other.

Parallel Lines Attached every Two Inches

The second square down, extend lines on each side two inches.

Second Square's Lines Extended

Close each end of the new lines.

Ends Closed

Make tabs at every end.

Tabs Added

Part II: Pictures on the Sides of the Cube

The first picture is on the top cube--a rainbow. Draw the rainbow with markers.
When I was refreshing my memory of the colors of the rainbow, I found
which not only gave me the order of the colors, but a kid friendly explanation of rainbows.


In the second square down, draw a leprechaun. Start with the face.


Then a hat.


Last hair and beard.

Hair and Beard

To the left of the leprechaun, draw a four-leaf-clover with four hearts.

To the right of the leprechaun, draw a pot of gold.

The Rim

The Pot

The Feet

The Gold

Underneath the leprechaun, draw a shamrock with three hearts.


Underneath the shamrock, draw the Book of Kells, the famous beautifully illustrated book on display at Trinity Collage in Dublin.

Top and Middle of the Book

Sides and Pages at the Sides

Bottom and Pages at the Bottom

A Little Decoration

Cut along the outer lines.

Cut Out

Fold along each line.


Cut off tab above rainbow.

Cut off Tab

Put tape on other three tabs.

Put on Tape

Attach the pot of gold tab underneath the Book of Kells square.

Pot of Gold and Book of Kells Squares Connected

Attach the four-leaf-clover tab underneath the Book of Kells square.

Four-Leaf-Clover and Book of Kells Squares Connected

Attach the Book of Kells Tab to the rainbow square.

Book of Kells and Rainbow Squares Connected

Part III: Play A Little Game

Call out one of the pictures on the cube.
Now throw the cube in the air and hit it back up three times. After the third hit, let it fall to the ground.
Which ever picture is facing up is your roll. If it matches the one you called, you win that roll.

Part IV: An Irish Movie

We enjoy The Secret of Kells embedded here thanks to The Book of Kells is the inspiration for the movie.

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