Monday, July 26, 2010

Drawing a hummingbird with kids

Children's imaginations can create colorful hummingbirds.

This simple drawing we did began with an up-side-down small "u" without the tail for the head, a long "V" for the beak, and a capital right-side-up "U" without the tail for the body.

Wings and feet can be made like the picture or however your child wants.

Looking up the colors of hummingbirds can be a learning experience, or children can color their hummingbirds as they please.

 Here's a link for step by step instructions for this hummingbird.
How to Draw a Hummingbird: Directions for Children

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sparkler on a Straw

Here's another way to use those food colors made yesterday for the marshmallows.

Cut a drip coffee filter into strips. Have children dip one end of each strip in a blue or red food color. Tape the dry end of the strips to a straw. Let dry by hanging upside-down from a clothesline.

Then the kids can run around the yard with fire free sparklers.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to July!

Here's a kind of silly little craft, but could be fun depending on the mood of the artists. It was made from leftover somemore mini-marshmallows and food coloring with water.
In case it is hard to tell, the first picture is of a Fourth of July sparkler or firecracker. The marshmallows were arranged and then dribbled with a few drops of food coloring in an ounce of water with a spoon. Cotton swabs would create less puddling, but I didn't know if the cotton would stick to the marshmallows.

See who can make the most creative design or marshmallow structure.