Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crayon and Watercolor Monarch Butterfly

Crayon and Watercolor Monarch Butterfly on Green Construction Paper

Sketch a Monarch butterfly on white paper. 

The model I used for this very rough drawing is the picture of an adult Monarch at http://www.monarch-butterfly.com/.

Trace around the white spots with a black crayon first.

Then color all the black parts of the butterfly (except the head and antennae--they'll be done later) with black crayon.

Paint the wings of the butterfly with yellow, orange, and red watercolors. 

I started with a coat of yellow everywhere except the tips, then added orange from the top to half way down the wing, and then finished with light coat of red at the very top of the wings.

When the wings became too wet, I dabbed up the wetness with a tissue.

When the paint is dry, cut out the butterfly--keeping it one whole piece--and choose the color of construction paper you'd like for the background.

Fold the butterfly down the middle of the body. As you can see, my wings are not equal size.

Put a line of white glue down the crease.

Turn the butterfly over and glue it to your chosen background.

When the glue is dry, use black crayon to draw the head and antennae.

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