Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paper Christmas stocking

Here's a Christmas stocking made of paper and yarn. I didn't have any red paper, so I colored it red leaving a white trim at the top. I put two pieces of white paper together, put them up against a window, so I could trace the same shape of stocking onto the second piece of white paper, so I could color it before cutting out.

After cutting out both sides of the stocking, I put them together, and punched holes around them about an inch and a half apart.

I cut a piece of yarn that was about 8 inches longer than needed to go around the complete outside of the stocking.

A little scotch tape around the end of the yarn, helps it to go through the holes easily to sew the two stockings together. Leave a loop at the top back of the stocking to hang it up.

If you have white and red paper, the stocking might look even nicer in red with a white paper trim. Or red paper with white cotton balls for the trim would be fun too.

Red felt for the stocking, and white felt for the trim, would make this simple stocking stronger, and last for Christmases to come.

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