Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas tree ornaments from kids' art

These original little ornaments keep your child's art to decorate your Christmas tree for years to come.

Choose a Christmas picture your child has drawn. Here I choose a snowman.

Decide on a background. If you can see from the picture, I put purple, pink, and light green background. I glued the snowman first to purple paper, and then cut around the snowman leaving about an eighth inch frame. I did the same with the pink and green paper.

Cover with clear contact paper. I cut the clear contact paper twice as big as the snowman. Then I creased the contact paper so that when I removed the backing, I could place my snowman on the crease, and smooth the contact paper up from the crease and over the snowman until completely sealed on all sides.

Trim the edges of the clear contact paper.

Punch a hole in the top, and thread with a loop of yarn, so the ornament can hang on a Christmas tree branch.

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