Friday, September 3, 2010

Look mom, I can write "sun" in Chinese!

First stroke for "ri"

Here's the order of the strokes for writing the Chinese character for sun.

It is pronounced "ri" which is the fourth tone, the down tone, in Mandarin. It is a little like making a rrrr sound of starting a car, but the rrrs are not drawn out and sounds as if the speaker is a little angry that the car won't start. R!

The first stroke starts on the left hand side from the top down.

Second stroke in "ri"

The second stroke starts at the top of the first, but goes over and down.

Third stroke in "ri"

The third stroke crosses the middle from left to right.

Fourth stroke in "ri"
The fourth stroke closes the bottom from right to left.

Now the watercolor started yesterday can be finished with a yellow sun up in the sky and rays of light flowing from it.

Have fun!


"Hill" and "sun" Chinese characters

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