Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Halloween salad?

My daughter asks me, "Mom, do people give other things besides candy for Halloween?"  Well, there are alternatives aren't there?

Halloween, the dentist's delight or the dentist's nightmare. The parent's heart attack when they get the dentist bills.

It doesn't have to be a sticky gooey mess. It's all in the presenting.

How about a candle salad for a Halloween party? Serving it first, and turning down the lights to make the atmosphere a little spooky might be kind of fun. Using little battery operated candle lights to eat the candles by may complete the ambiance.

I wonder if putting the salad together could work as a craft for the party? I'm thinking of trying this with my family, and see how it goes over. In my experience, when I try things with my family, they then get even better ideas of how to make it good.

Here's to a healthy fall of festivities and happy teeth, kids, dentists, and parents!

How to Make a Fruit Salad Candle

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