Saturday, December 19, 2009

Silver Bells

This is a simple little craft that once the bell and poinsettia are made to trace, children can create with them freely.

The first picture is my idea. I sketched a bell, petals in the shape of large tear drops, and leaves onto a piece of cardboard and cut them out. The cardboard shapes should stay in good condition for using in many other crafts.

From there children can do what they want. My daughter liked tracing the bell on foil and cutting them out and adding her own touches.

Our foil is rather thin, and the thicker foil may rip less easy, but the edges can be sharp. The thinner foil doesn't have as sharp edges, but carefulness is still needed.

I thought is was nice to trace the bell with a silver crayon, the petals with a red crayon, and the leaves with a green crayon. Then if the lines show after cutting out the pieces it can look like a frame.

As you may notice, I couldn't find green paper and so colored some white paper with the side of a green crayon before I traced the leaf and cut it out.

The middle of the poinsettia is a torn out circle. Tearing the paper instead of cutting out the petals and leaves might make a nice effect too. It may be a little tedious, though, for children. Even cutting 10 petals ~~ 5 petals for each poinsettia can be a little much. Help may be needed here.

Just glue all the pieces on.

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