Friday, December 18, 2009

Frosty under Icicles

My intention with this craft was to have children as young as Kindergartners or even preschoolers to be able to complete it all themselves. If they have an example already made for them to see, this maybe a doable craft for them.

Finding the right size lids may be the most difficult part. As you can see I used a Ragu lid for the head, and a large yogurt lid for the bottom of the snowman, but had trouble finding a good middle. I ended up cutting down a yogurt lid which wasn't so hard because this yogurt had a circle I could easily follow. Just make sure that the edges of anything cut are as smooth as possible.

On white paper, children can place the different size lids, and trace, and then cut out. In the picture I traced all three all together, and then cut out one whole snowman. For children it is probably easier to cut out the circles individually, and then glue them on the paper in the shape of a snowman.

Just two more circles are needed for the icicles. Trace the smallest lid and the largest lid for different sized icicles.

Cut the circles into eights. Cut them in half, cut the half in half, and then the quarter piece in half. The eighth pie pieces are the icicles hanging down.

Glue on the icicles, and you've got Frosty under the Icicles.

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