Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creative Kids

Just because I have an idea for a craft doesn't mean my daughter wants to do it my way. For the Snowing on Frosty the Snowman craft, my idea was to use left over hole punches for the snow, but my daughter didn't want snow at all. Then she decided drawing the snowflakes was better than using my great idea of gluing on paper scraps. Here are a couple of her ideas in the picture that she created after seeing my idea.

That's the way kids crafts are. Unless you want to work on following exact directions with your child, crafts are inspirations for creativity, and that's the way I look at this Children's Cheap Christmas Crafts Blog. If anything inspires you or your children to create a lot out of a little bit, then I feel successful. As you can see the crafts are not perfect, and my daughter doesn't even want to do them the way I do, but she gets inspired to create crafts of her own when we work together.

Happy crafting!

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