Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Angel Hair Pasta Christmas Tree

What makes this craft a success is using a lot of glue and waiting for it to dry before coloring or painting. I used tacky glue, but the thinner Elmer's glue might work just as well, and it may be easier to dribble on a lot.

I just broke the pasta in half and in half again so that about one quarter portions of dry pasta were for the tree branches. For the bottom, I just broke some of those quarter portions in half again to make one eighth pasta pieces.

For the brown bottom, I used a non-toxic marker to color it after the glue was dry.

For the tree, I used non-toxic poster paint, and applied it with a cotton swab after the glue was dry.

Then I put drops of glue around the tree and sprinkled paper scraps for tree decorations.

It could be decorated with lines of glitter or bead chains. Your children's imaginations can make this tree much more beautiful than this picture.

Here's to the tree of dreams!

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