Friday, November 20, 2009

Some Salt Crafts and Another Set of Binoculars

Here's some salt sprinkled pictures.

One is Santa's hat painted with non-toxic red poster paint and sprinkled with salt. A line of glue and a ball of glue are added for the salt to stick more to the trim and the puff at the end of the hat.

The other picture is a little penguin under icicles on yellow paper. White and red non-toxic poster paints were used. Before the paint was dry, the salt was sprinkled on. Okay, so the salt sprinkles itself around the house as well as on the pictures but preschoolers and early elementary school children may enjoy sprinkling the salt on the paint and making their own salt paintings. At least salt doesn't attract ants like sugar:)

These were follow up crafts to use the salt left over from Santa Claus Spy Glasses. They are a different style Christmas binocular. Here's the link if you'd like.

How to Make Santa Claus Spy Glasses

Happy crafting!

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