Thursday, November 19, 2009

Candy Cane Binoculars

Here's a simple set of candy cane stripped
binoculars that little ones can look for Santa through. Perhaps the binoculars can even help to have x-ray vision into the wrapped presents under the tree;)

As you can see from the pictures, the binoculars do not have to be perfectly done. With children sometimes the most important part of the craft is making it themselves. An older child could help a younger child completely make these binoculars without help from an adult ~~but of course with adult supervision.

Here's all the supplies needed: One piece of white paper, a red crayon, children's safety scissors, and tape.
Fold a plain 8 X 11 piece of white paper in half.

Open up the paper, and cut on the
fold, so there's two pieces for the
two binocular tubes.

Draw diagonal lines across the two
pieces of paper with red crayons, and color in stripes.
If doing the craft with a young child
the coloring part may be what he/she would like to do.

Leave a white stripe in between each colored red stripe.

When the coloring is done, it is time to roll
each piece of paper into a binocular tube.

Fasten each roll with tape.

The final step is to tape the two rolls
together for a finished set of candy cane binoculars.

Have fun watching for Santa Claus and examining presents!

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