Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crayon Raindrops through a Watercolor Rainbow

Today all I'm doing is using crayon instead of paint for the raindrops in my last post.
Painting Raindrops

Then I'm adding a rainbow over the crayon raindrops.

  • Draw and color in some raindrops with a blue crayon.
  • You only need about 1/4 the size of a blue sheet of construction paper because a few raindrops might be fun whereas a lot of them might be tedious.

Crayon Raindrops on a Small Blue Piece of Construction Paper

  • With watercolor paints, paint a rainbow over the raindrops.
  • Start at the bottom of the rainbow and work up.
7. Red
6. Orange
5. Yellow
4. Green
3. Blue
2. Indigo
1. Violet

Watercolor Rainbow over Crayon Raindrops

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