Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Bee: Simple Paper Craft

This spring bee was inspired by the picture Nice Bee in last week's post:
Noticing Bees for a Craft Later


Materials for Spring Bee

  • blue, yellow,  and black construction paper--one sheet each
  • wax paper
  • black crayon
  • scissors
  • glue

Stripes for a Bee Body

Draw an oval about four inches long on the yellow paper.
Color in some stripes.

Cut out Bee Body

Cut it out and place it on the blue paper.

Bee Head and Middle Body

Draw a circle next to the yellow striped oval.
Next to the circle, draw a head.
Color both in with a black crayon.

Bee Wings

Cut two long ovals out of wax paper.
Crunch them up, and then smooth out.
Place them on the bee.

Bee Eye

Cut a small oval out of the black paper for the bee eye.

Bee Legs and Antennae

Move aside one of the wings, so you can draw the legs and antennae.

Finished Bee

Glue on body, wings, and eye.

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