Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drawing a dinosaur: steps for children

1. Start with an oval for the body of your dinosaur.

2. From the oval draw a line up to the right for a long neck and part of the head.

3. Draw a second long line up under the first to finish the neck.

4. Connect the two neck lines with a half circle to form the head.

5. Draw a line off the back of the oval for the tail. Wind it around like a snake.

6. Draw another line off the back under the first.

7. Connect the end of the two tail lines.

8. Make a small circle at the front bottom of the oval. This will be part of the front leg. Make a larger circle at the back bottom of the oval. This will be the top part of the back leg.

9. Draw rectangles down from the two circles for the front and back legs closest to us.

10. Draw legs alongside the front and back legs for the legs on the other side of the dinosaur.

11. Trace the outside of the dinosaur with a non-toxic marker the color of your choice. Only trace the front of the circles with the marker. These become the top of the front and back legs closest to us.

12. Erase the pencil lines and your dinosaur is ready to color.

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