Monday, March 21, 2011

Drawing a bunny with circles

Using a pencil follow the steps making a large circle for the bunny's body and a smaller circle for the bunny's head.

The circle for the bunny's back leg is larger than the circle for the bunny's front leg. The circles for the paws are little circles.

After all the circles are completed, with a pencil, add ears--half circles together--dots for eyes, a small triangle for a nose and two half circles for the mouth. Also put little lines on the paws.

When the bunny is completely drawn in pencil, Use a black non-toxic marker to trace over the face and claws. Then with a brown non-toxic marker trace only the outline of the bunny. Finally trace the front of the legs and paws with the brown marker.

Erase all the pencil lines.

Color the middle of the ears with pink crayon. Then color in the whole bunny except the tail lightly with a brown crayon. If the tail gets colored by accident, the crayon may be able to be erased with a regular pencil eraser.

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