Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leaf prints

If you can find some leaves that aren't too dry, these leaf prints might be fun. The trick is to not get too much paint on the back, so the veins of the leaf turn out well.

The first picture shows how I put red, yellow, and white non-toxic poster paints on paper, and spread them across the paper. Then I put the back of the leaf against the wet paint and onto the paper for the print.

My second method was to lightly coat the back of the leaf with the same paints using napkins to put the leaf on and to wipe my brush clean on. Then put the leaf on paper, and gently smooth across it.

I like the second method the best.

If your kids are getting some good leaf prints, they could put them on paper the size of a place mat. When the prints are dry, the paper could be covered with clear contact paper to protect it and use it for a Thanksgiving place mat.

The leaf prints look pretty on windows too.

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