Friday, October 22, 2010

Little fall basket for Halloween

This is a delicate little basket, and may be used to hold your paper pumpkin or paper ghoasty. Or perhaps just admire the process that went into creating it.

I used coffee filters, tore them into strips and dipped them in about an once of water with two or three drops of food coloring. In three small empty and clean yogurt cups, I put the water. In one cup, I put 2 drops of yellow, in another 2 drops of red, and in the third, 2 drops or red and 2 drops of yellow to make orange.

Then I dipped the strips of coffee filters into the water with food coloring and let each strip soak up the liquid. I put the wet strips over a glass bread pan, and let them dry for a day.

Using red, orange, and yellow paper torn into strips would be easier and quicker. It would also make the basket a little stronger to glue the autumn leaves onto.

I was thinking of how children enjoy the process and learning to mix colors. But your children may want it finished sooner. The colored paper doesn't rip as easily too.

After the strips are dry, weave them into a plastic berry basket. Weave in and out only 2 or three times on each side, so the process isn't too tedious.

Collect some freshly fallen Autumn leaves, and carefully weave the stems in, and loop the top of the leaf through the top of the basket to hold them up. Glue the leaves to the paper and basket, and let dry.

The freshly fallen leaves don't crumble as easy as dry ones, and are easier to work with.
Dip strips
Dry strips
Weave strips
Add fall leaves

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