Friday, February 19, 2010

Coffee Can Drum

Here's a little drum completely created my daughter. It's special not only because she initiated the craft and made it herself, but also because it is a good example of things we save that inspire our children to make crafts. It changes constantly. Right now as you can see, Folgers coffee cans are our inspiration.

Mom likes them because they don't have lingering food smells to attract bugs and are easy to clean with pretty smooth edges. Daughter likes them because they are so versatile. They can store small toys or pretty clothes that have been outgrown but can be made into doll clothes.

They can also be made into drums which is another reason mom likes them. Because they are plastic, the drumming isn't as hard on mom's ears as a medal coffee can drum. Yet the plastic still gives a nice low boom to make daughter happy. How much better does it get? ;) Not to mention that the 3 pound can was $7.99 at Costco the other week plus a coupon for $2.00 off. That's what I call living! LOL:)

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