Monday, November 23, 2009

Twisted Paper Candy Canes

Twisted paper candy canes can be made with just a piece of paper, a crayon and glue. Candy canes are so many colors and flavors these days that any color paper or crayon will do. Younger children may want adults to make the candy canes for them to glue or tape to their own cards or other decorations. Older children may like to do the craft themselves.

Cut about an inch and a half wide strip of paper. We'll use white for our example. Twist the paper into a shape of a candy cane much as you would wring a sponge.

From the same sheet of paper your strip was cut, color about 1/2 inch of red along the edge. Cut off this edge to form a single thin strip of red to wrap around the twisted white cane.

I put some tacky white glue on a plastic lid and then used a toothpick to spread the glue on the back of the red strip of paper. I like tacky glue for this project because it sticks quickly and doesn't let the strip slide around as much as thinner white glues.

Wind the red strip diagonally around the white cane. And your twisted paper candy cane is finished. All that needs to be done is to roll the glue into balls off your hands:)

Happy twisting!

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